We have run Userneeds surveys annually since 2012 and we recommend them all the time to other businesses. Here are 5 reasons why using Userneeds surveys has benefited our business.userneeds

Userneeds is a provider of Webstatus reporting for all types of businesses and organisations. They create and provide surveys that can be easily applied on your website for a period of time to get the views and opinions of your existing customers and potential customers.

Following this you receive a full in-depth report including both qualitative and quantitative information. This information can then be used help improve the user experience of your website.

We run an annual Userneeds survey and the results are then benchmarked against other websites both in Ireland, UK and other European countries.

We get a complete report as well as the raw data, and best of all we get a feedback call where Userneeds goes over the report with us and explains it in detail.

Here are 5 particular reasons why we love the Userneeds surveys and why they benefit our business:

1. It gives us feedback on our website usability

Yes the main reason for the survey is to ask people how they find using your website. It’s really important especially nowadays with mobile and tablet usage that your website user experience be as good as it can be.

Every year the survey gives us feedback on what people do and don’t like about using our website. We can¬†discuss this with our technology team and ask them to make changes to improve things.

Userneeds survey screenshot 2018

2. It gives us updated demographic information

As well as the usability survey questions the survey can also ask some demographic questions so this gives us the opportunity to find out a little bit more about our current users.

3. We like to know how we compare to other websites

Being benchmarked against other websites lets us know how we compare and are performing in the marketplace. We could run our own annual survey asking people the same questions but the extra value lies in the fact that Mykidstime is then benchmarked against our peers.

4. There are nuggets in the qualitative comments

We love the qualitative comments that people make at the end of the survey because there are always ideas in there for new things to introduce or create on the website. Even negative comments are good, you have to be prepared to listen to what your users are saying in order to improve.

5. Being able to ask Do you trust this website? is key for our business.

The Trust question means we aren’t just saying it ourselves when we say we are one of the most trusted websites. We really are, because we have been benchmarked against other sites. Because we sell trust ourselves, the notion that we are a trusted brand that can connect you to parents, that measure is vital for our sales.

As I said at the start of this article, I constantly recommend Userneeds to other businesses who are online. The quality of the results and reporting, and the personal contact with the company is excellent.

You can find out more about them here or contact the Ireland country manager Jonathan Easthope by email.