Our Mykidstime article Quick Ways to Cut Your Household Spending Immediately is a great example of how creating content that is helpful can be very effective for brands. Here’s how A Tips Based Approach to Content for Parents around Home Energy Use worked well for one Irish brand.

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We published Quick Ways to Cut Your Household Spending Immediately as a content article on our parent site Mykidstime.com website as part of a digital marketing campaign for WeSwitchU. They wanted a sponsored content piece that would help parents and reinforce their message of how their service can help save time and hassle as well as being free to parents.

Our engaged community had articulated to us that they appreciate ideas and want to read articles that help them with family life.

A review of Google Analytics also shows strong views for this type of lifestyle and home-related content. While it’s easy to come up with fun ideas for amusing kids or cute cookies to make together, when it comes to things like home energy and more “utility” (or dare we say potentially boring) topics, a tips based approach is very effective.

Why This Content Works

1. The title

We spend time on our titles for Mykidstime articles. We never offer clickbait, but the title has to be compelling and tell the reader what’s in it for them. So, for example, using the word immediately indicates these tips can be implemented quickly for maximum benefit.

2. Shorter lists work too

While we have found that long listicles such as 101 of the Best Ideas for Your Family Vacation in Ireland or 100 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love work very well, sometimes short and sweet is good too.

3. Tips for saving money are compelling

Let’s face it. Having kids is an expensive business and the average household is always grateful for ways to save money to stretch the family finances further.

And how do parents feel about Home Energy?

In our recent Insights studies about parents and their views on home energy, it turns out

  • We got great engagement with a competition we ran as part of a campaign for SSE Airtricity where parents could win a Smart Home bundle. (Competitions can be a great way of getting engagement around key messages.)
  • The cost of home energy bills means parents are looking for best value and ways to save money – “Always a burden to have to pay. I like good reward schemes from a provider and good value.” and “I’d like to cut back on how much energy we use but it can be hard to do so accurately”.

Insights on Home Energy Infographic

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