Each week we ask our Insights panel of women a key question. This week we were interested in learning more about what they are planning to spend their money on post-lockdown. While the most popular answer was a Staycation, there was also a mix of large and small expenditure planned. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what other items made the list:

one key stat week 1 may

Lockdown life has meant spending on food and household-related items, but with no socialising, commuting costs, general shopping, etc. for many people, we wondered – if they have a surplus, then what will this be spent on.

We asked our Insights panel of women to answer this quick question:

What’s the one thing that you plan to spend money on after lockdown?

  • Staycation 31%
  • Home improvements/DIY 20%
  • A big purchase you’ve been putting off for a long time like a car 18%
  • Other* 16%
  • Spending spree clothes etc 11%
  • Need it for replacing lost income/rainy day fund 4%

* (e.g. New phone, Think I’d like to give money into our community such as restaurants and independent shops, Family gathering)


Some additional comments from our panel members included:

“I’d really love to spend time seeing this beautiful little country.”

“Would like to get away for the hotel break that we had booked for Easter later this year. But I am most excited about sitting in a cafe with my daughter with a fresh coffee and watching the world go by.”


Reflection for Brands and Businesses

There’s definitely an opportunity for destinations and accommodation providers to prime themselves for that spend.

How can you encourage people onto your mailing list to grab that opportunity when things reopen and people are ready to holiday?

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