Trusting a brand is paramount to mothers, because not only are they buying for themselves but they are buying for other family members. Here’s how brands can connect with Mums by building trust. 

mums and brand trust

It’s a simple fact nowadays, especially in the online world, people don’t trust brands automatically. Brand trust is more important now than ever because today’s consumers are literally bombarded with options. What used to be a choice between e.g. two brands is now a mix of tens, hundreds if not thousands of options.

This leaves consumers asking who they know and trust before making a purchasing decision. If you don’t trust a brand you won’t buy from them.

People are also hyper-aware of when they’re being sold to, and if they feel they’re being sold to, they’ll have a lower tendency to trust whatever message they’re reading.

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Trusting a Brand has a Big Influence on a Mum’s Loyalty

brands connecting and building trust with mums

Trust is hard earned (and easily lost) but once earned it generates loyalty. Of course this is true of all consumers, but Mums are a special category because not only are they buying for themselves but they are buying for other people.

If a Mum buys something for herself that doesn’t work out, then it’s only her that’s left feeling bad about it being the wrong product or the wrong fit or that she changed her mind.

If a Mum buys the wrong thing for her child, then oops she’s in trouble!

  • “None of the other kids wear those kinds of shoes”
  • “I don’t like that flavour of …”
  • “I hate those …”
  • “Do I have to wear this..?”

In our recent survey of 500 Mums about the Brands they buy every week:

  • 25% of parents go for what they have traditionally bought because they trust the brand quality
  • 67% will still buy the same product even if the price increased

Mums care more about getting the right product for their family members than simply price. Yes price matters, after all Mums generally have to manage the family budget.

But if they find the right product, while they will do everything they can to get the price reduced or find it cheaper, they won’t necessarily sacrifice quality for affordability.

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Ways to Build Brand Trust with Mums

mums and brand trust

1. Provide valuable content

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue” Andrew Davis

Creating high quality content that solves Mums’ problems is a good way to build trust. Look at all the different areas of Mums’ lives and see what opportunities you have as a brand to help them. Remember Mums have different seasons from other consumers, e.g. Back to School, Communion, etc.

You don’t have to create everything yourself, you can also share trustworthy links to good content that helps Mums.

2. Engage Mums in two-way communication

Don’t just push out messages to Mums, engage them in two-way communication. Social media channels are ideal for this. Listen and respond. Ask them things.

3. Make sure there’s brand consistency

Make sure your brand and your communications are consistent. When your brand is inconsistent in any way, Mums are quick to replace it because of the fact they are buying for other people and they need to trust that brand.

4. Encourage user-generated content

A great way of building a relationship is by asking Mums to share their ideas, opinions, photos, videos etc and then turning that into user-generated content that you share again to them. It’s a virtual circle and what happens is if Mums see their ideas and suggestions being used, they feel valued and trust more.

On our Mykidstime social media we have regularly asked Mums to share their ideas and suggestions. Not only is it a good way to engage them but then we get great recommendations and ideas to put into content that we can share again later.

5. Encourage user reviews

Reviews and testimonials, as long as they’re genuine, are an good starting point to winning trust. Mums check reviews.

6. Manage Mums’ expectations

Manage what you do and Mums’ expectations, and measure how you deliver against those. Set and meet those expectations. Then look at how you can exceed those expectations to delight and surprise Mums and their families.

7. Make sure your brand acts responsibly.

Customers can forgive what they perceive to be a one-off mistake, but if it’s repeated, then you’re in trouble. Admitting mistakes and committing to changes are part of meeting expectations. People are more likely to be loyal to a brand if a mistake has been made but they see that there has been a remedy as well as a commitment to changing so it doesn’t happen again.

So if you do make a mistake, own up to it quickly and be sure to tell people how you plan to avoid making that same mistake again. This shows them that you’re honest (you’re admitting what you’ve done wrong). Public accountability shows that your brand is ready to dedicate itself to changing things. That is a trustworthy brand.

Brand trust leads to brand loyalty and brand advocacy

Not only must a Mum trust that your brand will deliver on its promise in every interaction she has with it but also that it will deliver on its promise in any interactions that other people in her family have with it.

That’s the level of trust you want your brand to reach with Mums — to the level that they buy it again and again. And that they tell lots of other Mums about it too.

Connecting with mothers through social and digital channels is possible, we do it all the time on Mykidstime. We help brands and businesses to engage with Mums by turning their marketing into useful content and engaging messages that allow Mums to have conversations and build trust. Schedule a call today to have a chat about how to work with Mykidstime.