Over 11 years of Mykidstime, we have learned a lot about mums and their digital behaviour through our website, our ezine and our social media channels. Here are some key insights into digital mums and how brands can connect with them.

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Mums Use Smart Devices to Get Online

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When we started Mykidstime 11 years ago, all our website traffic came from desktop pcs or laptops. Now we see the reverse trend, most of our traffic comes from mobile devices. Mums are digital now. They use smart devices to go online and read email, they use those devices to look up products online or to interact on social media. They chat with friends and acquaintances on Whatsapp.

  • 80% of our website visits are from mobile or tablet showing they are using their devices to access content online.
  • 85% of our emails are opened on mobile or tablet and they click if they like what they see.

Key takeaway: Make sure the mobile experience for your site or landing page is excellent and fast so that those digital mums don’t bounce away quickly.

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Mums Always Have Their Phone With Them

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Mums are on standby all day (and night!). They keep their phone near to them in case they get a call from creche or school.

They keep connected to family and friends and other parents who they might be sharing lifts to kids activities with. In other words, their phones are near them all the time.

Key takeaway: Are you maximising the opportunity you have to connect with them through their phones? How can you deliver content in a mobile-friendly format that engages and builds trust?

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Mums Love Social Media

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Particularly Facebook and Instagram. Mums use social media to:

  • find and enjoy amusing content
  • share photos
  • see what’s happening in their close circle on their social media
  • research things to do
  • enter competitions
  • share posts they have come across with family and friends
  • get ideas for their family life.

Pinterest also continues to grow. We’ve seen a big increase in traffic from Pinterest as more and more mums go on there for ideas for birthday parties, family recipes, ideas for games, and more.

Key takeaways: Give mums ideas to help them on your social channels to encourage engagement and action.

Ask parents to social share with a hashtag if they have had a good experience with your product or service and enter those shares into a monthly draw to win. Mums are super social nowadays and it’s a good way of getting them to spread the word.

Mums Look At Content

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Mums engage very well with top quality content that helps them. They prefer that to being advertised to.

Some of our most viewed content on Mykidstime includes tips and advice on family life or content that gives them ideas for different life stages as well as different seasons.

Your content should add value to their busy lives. It should help them make an emotional connection to your brand. Your content should make it easy for them to share. And your content should make them want to share it.

Key takeaway: Have you spelled out how you can offer mums a solution to a parenting problem? Are you delivering high quality content, with great timely solutions to make life easier for them?

Mums Grab Quick Opportunities to Go Online

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Because they have their smart devices near them, they are grabbing quick opportunities to go online. They are going online:

  • first thing in the morning when they wake up or are having their first cuppa
  • at morning coffee time
  • at lunchtime
  • while waiting at kids’ after school or weekend classes
  • after the kids are back from school when homework and dinner are out the way
  • after the kids are tucked up in bed.

Key takeaway: Mums’ schedules are often tied into the life stages of their children, so think about when mums have time to receive your messaging. Does she sit with a tablet when her baby has gone to bed? Is she scanning her smartphone on the sideline at soccer practice?

Mums Are Busy Juggling Lots of Things

digital mums

Mums are usually busy juggling a million things in their lives.

Consider a typical early morning on a school day. Mums are:

  • getting themselves ready
  • getting the kids dressed
  • making sure everyone is fed
  • loading dishes into dishwasher
  • putting lunchboxes in bags
  • finding missing belongings
  • making sure kids have shoes on, laces tied, coats on
  • finding the car keys
  • making sure doors are locked, and
  • finally checking that everyone is in the car and belted up.

That’s surely not a comprehensive list, and by the way we are not assuming their partner isn’t helping, this is just a selection of things that will be happening at any one time during that particular time slot.

Key takeaway: Is your message super clear and have you got straight to the point? And have you demonstrated quickly how you can help them?

Mums Want Conversations

Through our social media we have seen that Mums want to have conversations with other people. They don’t want to just be advertised to.

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Posted by Mykidstime on Saturday, 16 February 2019

Day to day we try to establish common ground when we meet people, to identify interests or issues we have in common and use these to start a conversation. It shouldn’t be any different online, yet many businesses seem to continue to push out ad messages and content without identifying what their audience wants or indeed listening to their audience online.

Key takeaways: Define your target Mum personas and then build out conversations on your social channels to listen and engage and talk to Mums.

Mums Recommend to Other Mums

word of mouth mums

When you have kids you start to get to know other mothers because you are in the same situation, the same places, same ante-natal class, same preschool, same school gate etc. This peer network becomes an important support network for mothers and this also provides plenty of opportunities to tell each other about brands and products and services they have experienced and liked.

Generally speaking mums like to help other mums, particularly if they have a problem. Women tend to share problems and pain points with each other, from amusing kids on a rainy day to how to host a party at home to how to get rid of headlice.

As an extension of helping other mums, we also trust each other. If another mother tells you they have had a good experience with something you believe them and it makes you want to try that out for yourself.

Key takeaways: Trust is key to word of mouth recommendations. Like Amazon reviews, other mum reviews are key to establishing trust with the product or service. Ask Mums to recommend for other Mums – people always love to be helpful.

Offer them a discount code they can give to other mums, and ask them to share in any Facebook or Whatsapp groups they are in with other Mums if they rate your product or service.

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Connecting with mothers through social and digital channels is possible, we do it all the time on Mykidstime. We help brands and businesses to engage with Mums by turning their marketing into useful content and engaging messages that allow Mums to have conversations and build trust. Schedule a call today to have a chat about how to work with Mykidstime.