Money permeates all our lives but let’s face it, having kids is an expensive business, so family finances are usually top of parents’ minds either on a weekly basis of managing household budgets to the longer term thinking about planning for college. So what matters to parents when it comes to the family money? We are always curious to know what parents are engaging with on so we did a deep dive into our content analytics. We also asked parents to tell us their thoughts. Read on to find out Family Finance Insights From Parents:

family finance insights

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Family financial content on Mykidstime has always proven to be very popular, in particular any content that helps parents with saving money or budgeting.

We also regularly ask parents for feedback on different topics affecting family life. We gathered views from parents on family finance. Our trusted panels gave us feedback via our private MyInsightsOnTime platform and on email.

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Family Finance Insights From Parents

Here’s what parents looked at on between July and September 2020 on the topic of family finance. We also have some interesting feedback from our trusted panel.

💸There was a 117% jump in views on our family finance content, perhaps reflecting that families are having to tighten their belts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

📲 The top articles viewed in the last 3 months around family finance were:

  1. 44 Simple Ways to Save Money on Back To School
  2. Pocket Money – How Much is Too Much, and Other Questions
  3. 11 Essential Money Management Tips for Your Teen

💶Our quick poll about whether or not parents give their child pocket money got really good engagement on our Facebook page with 456 parents engaging.

Family Finances Infographic

It’s always fascinating to see family life reflected in the content views on and because we also talk to our engaged community regularly to gather insights and feedback, they trust us and are happy to give us their opinion.

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