During lockdown, overall site visits on Mykidstime.com went up by 64% and our page views went up by 54%. But what were parents viewing? And did it show changes to family life in a pandemic? We were curious to know so we did a deep dive into our content analytics. Read on to find out what parents were reading on our website during lockdown.

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Looking into our analytics was like a peek into changing family life. Here’s what we found parents looked at on Mykidstime.com between March and May.

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What Parents Viewed During Lockdown on Mykidstime.com

📽Our Entertainment category jumped a whopping 144% in views with top lockdown article being “Best 80s Family Movies to Watch With Kids” Was this nostalgia helping comfort people in times of stress?

🍽Food & Recipes views went up by 116% reflecting the increase in home cooking and baking. “8 Easy Cookie Recipes You Can Do With Kids” topped the articles, as parents looked for recipes to bake with their child.

🎨Our Things to Do category increased by 112% with “50 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids” coming top of the views in that category. Parents searched for ideas to help amuse the kids while school was off.

✏️School content was up 68% reflecting the home schooling situation as parents struggled to educate the kids at home. Top viewed article was “Amazing Animal Learning Resources and Activities for Kids“.

✈️Travel and Parties dropped by 80% and 44% respectively. “Best Campsites in Ireland” and “Brilliant Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas” were top articles in those two categories. In Travel the content views changed to a focus on staycationing in Ireland from May onwards, once lockdown was easing. Meanwhile home party content became the focus of the Parties section views, as parents looked for idea to replace the traditional group party.

🛋Lifestyle and Parenting went up by 15% and 6% with “12 Cool Garden Games for Family Fun” and “Top Tips for Dealing with an Older Child’s Tantrum” top views in those categories respectively. Both of these reflect realities of home life during lockdown.

As family life changes, we can see those changes reflected in the content views on Mykidstime.com. We also talk to our engaged community regularly to gather insights and feedback, and help brands connect.

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