Energy powers the family home. From electricity to charge up all those smart devices and run the washing machine to gas for cooking and heating. Utilities power our family homes and lifestyles. So what matters to Mums about utilities and energy?

mums and utilities

Energy Use at Home

We take our energy use at home for granted a bit too much perhaps, as it’s usually available at the flick of a switch (unless your tank runs out of oil or gas!).

When you think about all the things that use energy in the house, it’s a big part of what powers the home. Everything from electricity to run your appliances (and charge those devices) to oil or gas for heating to gas or electricity for cooking.

Energy costs continue to rise, and as the person responsible in my home for the household budget I also want to know I’m getting good value from both our home energy use and also our utility provider.

Shopping around is important to me but it does take time. And, if you have tied in to a contract to get a better price, you have to wait for renewal time to switch provider.

Factors that I would say influence my choice of utility provider are:

  • price
  • if I can spread the cost with a payment plan
  • how green the energy is
  • any multiple discounts available for buying more than one type of energy from the utility company
  • what else they offer me as a customer. Do they have a Rewards plan? Can I get discounts off other purchases?

We Surveyed Mums about Utilities

mums and utilities

We surveyed parents about choosing utilities and their thoughts on energy use and they shared with us that:

30% of mums never switch utility provider
91% of mums say value for money is most important to them for choosing a utility provider
57% of mums are not aware which appliances use the most energy
76% of mums say green energy matters to them

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More Insights into Mums and Utilities

Over one quarter of mums want payment plans available to spread cost (27%) and the same proportion of mums want a rewards programme (25%) from their utility company.

63% of mums we surveyed said value for money is the number 1 reason they would stay with their utility provider while 19% said switching was too much hassle.

39% of mums use price comparison websites when they decide to switch utility providers.

63% of mums don’t currently use any smart energy technology in the home. 27% said they would if their energy provider offered it.

50% of mums have made no changes to their energy use in the last year. 33% have turned down the thermostat to save energy and money. 6% have upgraded their boiler.

Other Feedback About Energy and Utilities from Mums

“I’d like to see more electricity companies offer more green information and competitive rates. Electric costs are too high.”

“I moved to a new build last year and am still trying to figure out how to heat the home economically/efficiently without having huge bills”

“I have found that our utility bills are getting higher and higher all the time. I am in the process of switching to see if I can change this…”

“I would like to be more eco conscious and more energy efficient however I feel I don’t know how to go about it, I would like more guidance or to have more information available.”

“I don’t think any company offer savings, we have changed all our appliances fridge, wash machine, oven & tv to A rated models yet our bills don’t go down they go up, all energy saving bulbs too and still no savings.”

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Things that the Energy Sector Can Look at For Marketing to Mums

Here are a few suggestions based on this feedback and my own experience:

Making switching super easy

If I want to switch providers then that process should be so so easy, “one phone call only with some paperwork follow up” easy.

Saving time (and money)

I personally am a busy mum and don’t have that much time to work out the pros and cons of choosing you as my utility provider. So the more you can help me decide that you are the company for me to use the better.

Calculators are good. Yes I want to know if I switch will I at least be paying less.

Examples of other families and what their situation is and what they pay are good.

Giving me advice on how I can save money in the house is a good thing too.

Look at where you can add value

Yes rewards programmes mattered to one quarter of mums we surveyed but that also means 75% don’t care about those rewards programmes as much.

How can you create content that helps mums a) trust and choose you, b) understand and reduce energy consumption. These are things that are going to make them choose you because you are adding value to their lives.

If you offered something alongside renewal not just discounting prices all the time, but something to help mums, then that would help them consider you for renewal or switching. What about an annual Dublin Zoo or Tayto Park or a cinema pass for the year?

Recommendations matter

I listen to other mums when they talk about experiences they have had with utility companies. If it’s a good experience I’ll take note to consider that company next time. If it’s a bad experience, I’ll avoid that company like the plague.

So how can you get Mums recommending to other Mums (in a compliant way of course)? What’s going to make them love your company so much they’ll tell 20 other Mums in their Whatsapp group what a good experience they had? How are you delighting Mums?

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One final tip

Create and share content that helps Mums out, it’s a good way of building trust and connection with your target customers beyond your sales message.

Connecting your utility brand with mothers in an engaging way through social and digital channels is possible, we do it all the time on Mykidstime. We help brands and businesses to connect with Mums. Schedule a call today to have a chat about how to work with Mykidstime.