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Using MyInsightsOnTime gets you insights from women about your brand, product or service. This helps you connect with, build trust, and grow your market share and sales.

Ask any question to your target audience of women and get an answer. Use that insight to help position your brand, launch new products/services, grow market share, develop brand trust and increase sales. Ultimately, bridge the knowledge gap between your customers and your marketing team.

Lose the pressure and stress, make your job easier by giving up the guesswork. You can make data driven decisions that you are confident will work because you have the insights.

Your job will be easier, you won’t be guessing, and your decisions will be ones you can rely upon. Customers will love you because you give them what you want instead of what you think they need.

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Measurable Results

Through working with MyInsightsOnTime you will be able to achieve measurable results:

  • Increased revenue – increasing footfall, increasing sales
  • Brand leadership – showing your brand can be trusted
  • Increased market share – growing your market share in a sustainable way
  • Better return on marketing investment – no more wondering why that marketing didn’t work
  • Higher productivity – from focusing on the right activities
  • Reduced costs – only spend on the activities that you know are going to work to resonate with your target customer

Knowing the female market and understanding exactly what they are looking for from products and services and your brand will enable you to take action to deliver that experience to them.

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Our Panels

Use our panels of engaged women and our dedicated private platform to gather those insights.

We can run panels any time on our special platform to generate feedback through our trust.

Panel members are recruited to specification each time.

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MyInsightsOnTime SSE Airtricity Case Study

Case Study

We ran a one week panel of women around Ireland on behalf of SSE Airtricity. We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary around online energy-related content.

We didn’t just get insights for our client, but key learnings about their brand, about opportunities to connect, and what key content will resonate with customers and target customers.

“This was a unique opportunity to learn from a highly engaged audience and to get some indepth feedback which we will be feeding directly into our content strategy. We can definitely recommend MyInsightsOnTime to any business who needs insights and feedback from women.” – Ruth Ryan, SSE Airtricity

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