How It Works

When you engage us to work with your team on an Insights project we follow a simple 3 step process:

1   Discover and Design – to refine the questions with your team

Initially we run an in-depth discovery session with your team to really understand

  • the brand
  • the strategic objectives
  • the decisions that need to be made
  • the insights you require.

Based on the discovery session we provide you with our “take” on the project, we design the initial set of questions for the insights project, and get you to sign off on those.

Once we have the questions finalised, we run them by our trusted test panel to ensure the question wording is correct and that the questions will deliver the insights that we need, before we begin the insights project.

2   Execute and Gather – insights gathered on our dedicated platform with our panels

We recruit participants to fit the demographics required for your project. We give them a brief, we confirm their commitment, we invite them into panel groups on our private platform. 

Questions are posed to the panel during the project. As responses come in, our moderator will oversee the comments, feedback and conversation.

In our experience, each question posed generates a great deal of raw response data. We capture all of that so you have the verbatim which can be invaluable, but our real skill is in delving into the feedback to pull out key actionable highlights. 

3   Deliver and Inform – results transformed and developed into actionable strategies

Once the panel is complete, we start the work of analysing and transforming what the feedback is saying into actionable strategies.

Using our unique approach our experienced team drills down into the heart of the data to pull out the most valuable information for your client’s brand. We take into account the brand, strategic objectives, operational tactics and constraints, as well as the key decisions that they need to make.

Finally we organise an interactive session to present the insights, recommendations and action strategies to your team. 

In addition, we provide you with a full set of reports, presentation and raw data that you can use.

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Measurable Results

Through working with MyInsightsOnTime you will get actionable insights to help you achieve measurable results:

  • Increased revenue – increasing footfall, increasing sales
  • Brand leadership – showing your brand can be trusted
  • Increased market share – growing your market share in a sustainable way
  • Better return on marketing investment – no more wondering why that marketing didn’t work
  • Higher productivity – from focusing on the right activities
  • Reduced costs – only spend on the activities that you know are going to work to resonate with your target customer

Knowing the parenting market and understanding exactly what women (and men!) are looking for from products and services and your brand will enable you to take action to deliver that experience to them.

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Our Panels

We form tailored panels of different targeted segments of consumers and use our dedicated private platform to talk to them and gather feedback. 

Tell us who you want to talk to and we’ll get them for you. We have global connections with over 600,000 women from all walks of life, with different ages, demographics, interests, lifestyles and networks (through which we also have access to men, younger people, older people, etc.). 

We use this community to create bespoke panels for our customers, not the same panel of people used over and over. Each panel is unique and is available at every stage of your project to inform and support your brand and strategy development.

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MyInsightsOnTime SSE Airtricity Case Study

Case Study

We ran a one week panel of women around Ireland on behalf of SSE Airtricity. We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary around online energy-related content.

We didn’t just get insights for our client, but key learnings about their brand, about opportunities to connect, and what key content will resonate with customers and target customers.

“This was a unique opportunity to learn from a highly engaged audience and to get some indepth feedback which we will be feeding directly into our content strategy. We can definitely recommend MyInsightsOnTime to any business who needs insights and feedback from women.” – Ruth Ryan, SSE Airtricity

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